The reason supreme is so expensive

As well all know supreme is a very expensive brand, but many people question why you everything seems to be sold out on their website and why resellers are selling supreme items for amounts not even worth thinking of. For example a plain white box logo tee costs £175 on eBay which in my opinion I don’t know about yours is not worth it. 

So most of you have clicked on this as you want to know why supreme is so expensive. The reason for this is that there is a lot of hype surrounding the brand, over the years which supreme has been around which is now 23 years they have created some great items of clothing and because of how exclusive and rare some items have been which just increases the cost resellers get it for as they are trying to make as much money as possible. The thing about the price is that the retail price ( the price supreme sell it for ) is very reasonable for the quality you are getting but resellers sell it on for some times 10 times the amount because of the hype and rarity.

This Hoodies retail price would be $148 but on eBay the price resellers are selling it for around $ 1200, I think this is slightly ridiculous.

Also when supreme does Collabs with other well known brands such as Louis Vuitton that will create even more hype so when supreme sells the shirt for $32 resellers are selling it for around $220.

This is what it looks like do you think it is worth the price? 

Also because of the almost skater vibe of supreme this has led it to create even more hype around itself so more rich kids have been splashing out on this brand without really knowing what this brand is about.

I hope you have enjoyed this and have learnt a bit more about supreme. Also if you have any supreme pieces tell me what they are in the comments. As well as this do you think supreme is over hyped let me know in the comments.

Instagram : easymenslifestyle


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