Band Tees – The new style

As you probably already know Band tees are really in as many celebrity’s have been pictured wearing vintage tees, as well as this many high street stores have developed their own range of band tees these include H&M, Urban Outfitters and Blue Banana all of which I will show now.

H&M have a great line of band tees for very reasonable prices which go from ACDC to Nirvana.

These shirts are only an example of the items H&M offer, and this is also why this store is my favourite for this style of shirts as it has such a wide range of items. The prices start from £8.99 with the ACDC shirt and the most expensive is the long sleeved nirvana shirt which costs £17.99, the rest are around £12.99. If you are looking for cheap alternative to a official band shirt I do recommend these.


Next store is Urban Outfitters which has a more unique style but are a lot more pricey. The shirts range from Metallica to 2PAC.

The Led Zeppelin shirt costs £29, Metallica £20, Green day £26 and 2PAC costs £25. I really like they style of these shirts especially the Led Zeppelin shirt but they are still quit expensive for what they are as you can get official shirts for the around the same price.


The last store is Blue Banana, all of the shirts from here cost £13.99 but there is a sale on the full price would usually be £15.99 which is still a very reasonable price. The shirts are a bit different than other stores which include David Bowie and Bob Marley.

I really like this brand as it has shirts which are a bit different to the regular stores, so if you are looking for a band shirt which isn’t a household name you should defiantly check out this website.

I hope you enjoyed my blog and leave in the comments your favourite band.

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