My Favourite Vans

My favourite shoe brand are vans so I thought I would make a list of all of the vans that I like the most, and I will try and suggest a outfit that might go together with the shoes.


These are the vans old skool black and white which cost £55 which is a very reasonable price for a great shoe, you can get them at pretty much any urban Men’s clothing store.

You could match these shoes with some black skinny jeans and a hoodie with a jacket over it just like this picture :



So the fear of god vans are I personal favourite of mine, the high tops sell for £360 used on Ebay and now sell for around £550 if not used. The low vans are £400 when used and around £600 if new.*

These shoes would work well with a pair of light skinny jeans and a thin coloured bomber jacket : IMG_0847[1].JPG


I know these are a bit different but I actually quite like these and would be a great talking point if you are in an awkward situation , these cost £95 on Ebay.*&spd=13636345477532995182

Sadly there are no outfits I could find to show these off, but you could wear them to a fancy dress party or with a pair of khaki skinny joggers and a light grey jumper.


These checkerboard slip on’s are a great shoe and I think should be in everybody’s waderdrobe, they cost only £47.

The outfit could consist of a pair of ripped jeans and a long sleeve baseball style shirt.



I really like the colour of these vans as it is kind of faded but still has a stylish twist too it, these are the grey sk8 Hi and cost £60.

These shoes would look great with a flannel shirt and a graphic t-shirt with a pair of ripped jeans ( the outfit in the picture has black vans but it still works the same ).


I hope you enjoyed reading this and I hope you found it useful, If there are any great vans out there that I might of missed please leave them in the comments below.

If you could share this with your friends it would be greatly  appreciated.

Instagram : easymenslifestyle


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