Fitness Fashion – how to look good when working out

First of all this is not going to be cheap, all of the clothes I have picked out are from Adidas, Nike and under armour and this is not because they are well known brands it is because they have the best quality and best looking fitness clothes.


Lets start off with the shoes. These are Nike train ultrafast flyknit shoes, they cost £130 but with these shoes you are getting your money’ worth. Apart from having a really great design which will make you stand out in the gym they are also incredibly light and the ankle support will mean you will keep your balance when doing heavy lifts.

The largest image are the Nike pro hypercool Men’s tights in the colour white, these sell for £35 on the Nike website. They are perfect for cold days when you have to wake yourself up in the morning and drag yourself to the gym, and a bonus of looking great ( especially if you have been putting in work on leg day ).

In the top right corner there are the Men’s UA pursuit cargo shorts which cost £45. These shorts have a great design which really looks good as well as being very versatile for all sorts of fitness work if that being running, crossfit or bodybuilding.

In the bottom right corner there are the Adidas circa track pants which sell for £49.95. Adidas are well known for making great joggers but instead of going with the same basic Adidas joggers I thought I would mix things up and put in a different pair certain to get peoples eyes turning.

To match the Nike tights is UA heat gear armour long sleeve compression shirt which sells for £30. This matches perfectly with the white Nike tights. It would look great if your beach body is already ready making you have more confidence when strutting your stuff around the gym.

The grey shirt is an Adidas freefit climachill tee which costs £32.95. This is a great plain t-shirt without any big bold branding which makes it look very simplistic but will still have the Adidas technology to reduce your sweating.

The Nike sphere element men half zip long sleeve running top which sells for £60 matches perfectly with the under armour shorts. It is also very lightweight and can be used for running or wrapping up warm in a cold gym.


Thank you for taking the time to read this, I am also going to do a budget version of this as I know gym clothes can be quite expensive. If you have any other ideas for blog posts leave them in the comments below.

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