Candles to make your man cave smell fresh

So most of the time candles are referred to as being for grandparents or women but I have created this top 10 list from cheapest to most expensive on candles that will make your man cave smell great.

  1. Yankee Candle ( £13.99 )           img_07911Yankee Candle have made a new collection of man candles called ‘barbershop’, the collection includes 6 different scents which are aftershave, barbershop, chrome, hair tonic, hot towel and sandalwood. The aftershave scent ( picture above ) includes a mix of juniper and patchouli which creates a woodsy, masculine fragrance. I also really like the design of the candle and the colours which makes it feel more masculine. I would recommend this for a deep smell to add some style to your room.
  2. Ted Baker Canada Goose – Ebay (£14.00)[1].JPG  The Ted Baker Canada Goose candle was soled in boots around the Christmas period and sadly are not soled anymore unless you buy one off ebay which is very easy to do. The scent is a very light aftershave scent of other ted baker aftershaves. I really think this is a well priced candle if you can pick it up for around £14, as well as it having a nice exterior.
  3. Etsy – No.9 smoke ( £14.87 ) IMG_0785[1].JPGTo sum this candle up it smells like a late night campfire in a jar. The jar itself is very minimalistic but it works with the candle. From etsy there are a number of different candles which you can pick and choose from.
  4. PandCo Black Oud Candle ( £20 ) – IMG_0789[1].JPGPandCo Candles are great for a cheap price with a great scent. There are four to choose from which are Black Oud, fireside embers, salted caramel and bourbon and sandlewood. The Black Oud smells like blackberries and is very dark and fruity.
  5. Rituals samurai candle – (£21) img_07921The candle and the box are both great to look out with simple designs. This specific rituals candle combines the fragrance of bamboo and the surprising inclusion of cedar wood. Because of the bamboo it creates an airy atmosphere in your man cave.
  6. The motley easy rider (£30) – IMG_0787[1].JPGFirst of all this is probably the best looking candle I have ever seen ( this is only in my opinion ) with the cool bike design as well as other graphic features. In the candle there are notes of Siam Citron, Orange flower, Saddle leather, Birch Tar and Woodsmoke meaning it is very citrusy as well as being quite woody.
  7. Penhaligons Samarkand – (£34)[1].JPGAs the price range increases so does the scent and the style. This scent consist of clove, jasmine and lily on a warm base of sandalwood and vanilla. So from the description you can tell this is a light, airy scent which can clean the smell of your room from anything over the years of living in your man cave.
  8. The Idle Man Malin + Goetz tobacco (£37) – img_07831In my opinion this candle looks really good as you can see all of the wax as it is not covered in a label. There are top notes of basil and rye, middle notes of chestnut honey and ylang ylang with base notes of tobacco leaves, guaiacwood and bourbon vanilla leaving a deep, musky scent.
  9. Mr Porter Tom Dixon Materialism Oil – (£125)–540g/742250?ppv=2IMG_0786[1].JPGYes, I know it is expensive ( there is still a more expensive one ) but it is a 540g candle and it is a designer brand as well as the candle being great to look at. The scent includes Guaiac wood which evokes notes of tobacco and birch tar and is laced with sweet vanilla like styrax.
  10. Zaha Hadid design prime opulent large scented candle ( £149) – IMG_0784[1].JPGYes, it is £149. Is it really worth it?, no of course not its  candle. Why buy it? Well here’s why. It was designed by a world renowned Architect called Zaha Hadid and in my opinion she did a really good job. Also it is crafted from bone china which just bumps up its value. Its scent includes Orange flower, sandalwood and fig. In my opinion if you buy this it will really spice up your man cave as well as being a great conversation  starter.                If you think I have missed any candles off or have any suggestions for any more posts leave a comment below. That’s all for now, Dan.

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